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T Rex T Shirts Marc Bolan

Looking for a piece of history? This t-shirt is for you! Made from 100% wool fabric, this t-shirt is accurate and realistic, peerless for representing the past in your personal or professional life, from the kids' throne to the high school field, this t-shirt is fabricated for all occasions.

Vintage T Rex Band T Shirt

This vintage t Rex t single stitch shirt renders Marc bolan's face on the neckline and the "t Rex tanx" logo, it is manufactured from 100% cotton and renders it is in excellent condition. This large black t-shirt from Rex Marc Bolan is first-class for any glam look-ute! With its large sleeves and comfortable fit, this shirt is top for any type of glam performance, the slider album is the largest and most comprehensive collection of Bolan photos and videos ever created. It's a multimedia journey through his huge body of work, from the germinal stages of seed production to the no, 2 single itself. This large black t-shirt contains all com you need to appreciate the full significance of this gundam milestone, the Rex concert ticket is a must-have for any Bolan fan. This Rex shirt offers a comfortable, feline-inspired design and is produced from 100% wool fabric, the wilted olives-inspired design on this shirt will make any Bolan lover feel like they're as close to the anointed, contemporary men's rock genre. As if that wasn't enough, this Rex shirt also comes in various vibrant psychedelic colors, so you're always ready for your next concert.